While many Boston traffic collisions can be resolved relatively quickly, some of them unfortunately end up causing extensive property damage and serious or even fatal injuries. A Boston car accident lawyer can help you navigate any kind of motor vehicle accident case.

If you were involved in a Boston car accident, don’t wait to get help. CarAccident.Law can connect you with the best experts for your situation. Our Boston car accident lawyers are on your side throughout every step of the civil lawsuit process. The auto accident attorneys in our network can help ensure that you collect an appropriate settlement from your insurer, follow up with any witnesses and the police as necessary, file your accident report, and even represent you in court if necessary.

Boston Car Accident Lawyer Case Types

The Boston auto accident lawyers in our network can effectively and confidently represent you in any of the following case types:

  • Car accidents: Despite an array of public transit options available in Boston, a majority of commuters to, from, and within the city limits still choose to drive. Crowded infrastructure, narrow historic streets, speeding, distracted driving, and a high level of commuters in and out of the city are all common car accident risk factors.
  • Truck accidents: Trucking accidents in Boston often involve an additional level of complexity when it comes to determining liability. For instance, the driver operating the truck may be liable for your injuries, or liability could belong to the company that hired the trucker to move their goods or even a third-party maintenance company hired to maintain and check vehicle safety standards on the truck and all its parts.
  • Motorcycle accidents: There have been 224 reported motorcycle accidents in Boston since 2019. Serious injuries such as road rash, burns, broken bones, and facial disfigurement are more likely to occur in motorcycle accidents than in car crashes due to both high rates of speed from riders and less protection and insulation from the road. Individuals who have been injured in motorcycle accidents also tend to incur higher medical costs that often exceed the standard Personal Injury Protection insurance coverage.
  • Rideshare accidents: While many Bostonians rely on rideshare services like Uber and Lyft as a safe option on a night out, these services are not without risk – especially in the Boston area. Unfortunately, many riders are not aware of the disproportionately high risk associated with rideshare services within the city limits of Boston. Data collected by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities shows that Uber and Lyft drivers were involved in a total of 1,098 Boston crashes in 2021 alone. This means that approximately one in four crashes that took place in Boston in 2021 involved an Uber or Lyft driver. While Massachusetts itself shows higher accident rates for Uber and Lyft drivers than in other states, the data shows that crashes within the City of Boston are more common than in other areas around the rest of the state.
  • Bicycle accidents: Only around one percent of Massachusetts residents report that they bicycle to work regularly. One of the main reasons for this low number may be the congested streets in and around Boston, as well as the need to regularly take highways like 93 North and 1A east to get to your final destination. In any case, bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles pose an increased risk of serious harm and likelihood of having to miss work to recover.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Since 2019, there have been 352 reported pedestrian crashes in the Boston area. Of these, 68 have resulted in serious injuries such as maiming or disfigurement, or fatalities. Pedestrians are less protected than drivers and passengers in cars, but they can also be easily distracted and contribute to a dangerous situation. Weather conditions like rain, snow, or heat and notifications from smartphones can all play a role in a pedestrian’s distractedness. Additionally, certain tourist-heavy areas of Boston like the historic Downtown, the Financial District, Charleston, Newbury Street in Back Bay, and more are all areas where distracted pedestrians may be less aware of common intersections and crossing laws.

Common Types of Car Accidents Our Boston Lawyers Handle

Boston traffic deaths have risen by 24 percent in recent years, a number that is higher than the US average of 19 percent. One of the most common risk factors in Boston, MA is speeding. Speeding reduces a driver’s ability to react in the appropriate amount of time to changing road conditions. It can also exacerbate and worsen any damage resulting from a crash, equating to more serious injuries and more expensive property damage.

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A Boston car accident attorney can help you obtain compensation after any of the following common car accidents:

  • Rear-end collisions: If you have ever driven on busy Boston streets, you likely know the risks of tailgating, speeding, and distracted driving. These three factors contribute overwhelmingly to rear-end collisions in Boston and elsewhere. Rear-end collisions can happen at any speed, although they are particularly dangerous on the highway. However, they may just as easily take place in parking lots or on residential streets close to home. Liability for rear-end collisions is not always clear-cut, so it is advisable to work with an experienced car accident lawyer in Boston who can help paint a clear picture of what happened and who is responsible.
  • Head-on collisions: Head-on collisions, also known as front-end car accidents, make up some of the deadliest and most traumatizing motor vehicle accidents. Head-on collisions often cause lasting physical harm, especially to the head, face, neck, and spinal cord. They also commonly result in a totaled car and a debilitating fear to drive again. Of the nearly 46,000 traffic incidents that happen each year in the United States, head-on collisions make up approximately 14 percent of the most harmful accidents reported.
  • Hit and run accidents: Massachusetts requires all licensed drivers to carry at least $20,000 in auto insurance, or $40,000 per accident, in Bodily Injury Caused by Uninsured Automobiles. Additionally, Massachusetts General Laws Part I, Title XIV, Ch 90, §26 requires drivers involved in accidents that resulted in injury, death, or property damage over $1,000 to file an accident report with the local police department within five days of the collision. Failure to do so may result in the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. These mandatory coverage and reporting requirements are specifically intended to mitigate the risks of finding yourself in a hit-and-run accident.
  • Rollover accidents: Vehicle rollovers can result in extensive property damage and personal injuries. Some of the most common injuries associated with rollover accidents include spinal cord trauma, whiplash, broken bones, lacerations, punctured lungs, internal bleeding, organ damage, and head injuries.
  • Merging accidents: The Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) as well as Interstate 93 (I-93) run directly through the City of Boston. Because of the area’s dependence on highways, merging accidents are particularly common in Boston, as well as in the nearby commuter neighborhoods of Brookline, Newton, Chelsea, Needham, Revere, Medford, Concord, Winthrop, Salem, Quincy and more. While distracted driving often contributes to merging accidents, there may be other factors at play that can create additional liability that can impact your available reimbursement after a crash. For instance, poor highway upkeep, dangerous road conditions, and unfinished resurfacing can all make a merging accident more likely to occur. There may be additional parties who can be considered potentially liable when filing a Boston car accident lawsuit.
  • Side-impact collisions: Side-impact crashes include T-bone accidents and sideswipe collisions. Sideswipe accidents are particularly common on the narrower streets of historic Boston, where parked cars and pedestrian traffic can hem in drivers as they pass by. Sideswipes are particularly dangerous when they happen between a truck and a smaller car, or when one car is moving at a high rate of speed. Side-impact collisions in Boston are commonly caused by aggressive or reckless driving, running red lights, or speeding. These accidents are unpredictable and often catastrophic for all parties involved. They may even happen with enough force to cause secondary accidents, setting off a dangerous chain of events. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, side-impact crashes are linked to close to a quarter of all fatalities caused by car crashes in the United States.
  • Blind spot accidents: Blind spot accidents may seem like no one’s fault since the accident occurs in a spot that the driver simply couldn’t see. However, many larger vehicles carry signage warning about entering and exiting blind spots. In addition, blind spot accidents may involve manufacturer liability if a car or truck has a particularly poor design that leaves blind spot accidents inevitable. In any case, a skilled Boston car accident attorney could make a strong case for liability in a blind spot collision, depending on the circumstances.
  • Single vehicle accidents: Single vehicle accidents often occur when a driver runs off the road or hits a tree, animal, pole, guardrail, or construction equipment. Contributing factors often include poor signage, driver distraction, and bad weather.
  • Multi-vehicle accidents: A multi-vehicle accident is also sometimes referred to as a “pile-up.” Pile ups are most commonly found on the highways in and around Boston and are often linked to high rates of speed when other drivers do not have time to react to what is happening on the road. Some multi-vehicle accidents are the result of a smaller accident that takes place, or of panicked decision making or last-minute adjustments. If you have been involved in a pile up accident, you may find yourself embroiled in a larger lawsuit or insurance claim. The situation may quickly become overwhelming as various parties seek to find the root cause of the accident. Getting a clear account and proving liability can be difficult without a police report and/or eyewitness stories. Consult with a Boston car crash lawyer to ensure that your bases are covered and to follow up on any additional compensation that may be available.

Common Car Accident Injuries in Boston

Car accidents are a leading cause of debilitating injuries in the United States, and Boston, MA is no exception. The crowded streets of Boston see thousands of accidents every year. Since 2019, nearly 17,000 accidents have been reported in the Boston area alone. Of those total reported crashes, 323 have involved serious or fatal injuries.

Traffic crash injuries cost $6 million in medical costs in Massachusetts annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Car accident injuries are also associated with long recovery periods, which can necessitate taking time off work. According to CDC data, Massachusetts missed work costs due to car accidents totaled $516 million in 2018.

Car accidents commonly cause the following injuries in Boston:

  • Catastrophic Injuries: A catastrophic injury leaves a person with severe, long-term or permanent adverse effects to their health. After a catastrophic car accident, a person’s life may never be the same. They and their family may face mountains of medical bills, diminished earning capabilities due to limited physical abilities, and potentially, loss of consortium and enjoyment of life. Examples of catastrophic injuries include burns, nerve damage, loss of hearing or sight, paralysis, amputation, and more. Anyone who suffers a catastrophic injury in a car accident deserves compassionate care and representation from experts in their area. From your doctors to your car accident attorney, CarAccident.Law can get you in touch with professionals who can fight for your recovery and who will strive to bring you the best possible quality of life in the aftermath of a catastrophic accident.
  • Spinal cord injuries: The sudden jolt of a car accident commonly causes whiplash and other spinal cord injuries. Even seemingly mild spinal injuries can cause lasting problems and may require long-term recovery steps and medical care. You may find yourself needing ongoing physical therapy as well as immediate medical attention after a neck or back injury resulting from an auto accident.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, can vary in severity according to the situation and from person to person. They may be as mild as a slight concussion that keeps you out of work for a few days, or as severe as lasting brain damage or death. A TBI may be closed, resulting in a bump, bruise, or bleeding inside of an intact skull, or it may be penetrating, meaning the skull has been fractured and something has pierced part of the brain. Any TBI, no matter what the details, should never be taken lightly. Always consult with a qualified medical professional if you know or suspect that you experienced any impact to the head during a car accident. CarAccident.Law can help you find the right doctor for your needs and connect you with a skilled Boston motor vehicle accident lawyer to help alleviate some of the financial burden of a severe car crash.
When Should You Call a Boston Car Accident Lawyer?

If you were involved in a car accident in Boston, let CarAccident.Law connect you with a Boston car accident attorney right away. The sooner a lawyer can start building your case, the stronger your chances are of successfully recovering maximum compensation.

Memories can fade and stories can change pretty soon after a car accident. From contacting witnesses and gathering evidence, to liaising with insurance companies, the police department, and medical staff, one of the Boston lawyers in our car accident attorney network can effectively strengthen your case.

As previously mentioned, you must file an accident report in Boston within five days of your crash if it involved damage to property totaling over $1,000, injury, or death. It is advisable to also contact a car accident attorney in Boston within that five day period if possible.

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What Damages Can You Sue for in a Car Accident?

Suing for damages after a car accident is different from filing an insurance claim. Damages represent the harm done in a collision. Anyone who bears liability for your accident may be ordered to pay damages in certain injury cases. Specifically, they may be responsible for covering the following car accident damages under state law:

  • Property damage: In Boston, property damage is often covered by your own car insurance first and foremost. However, there are cases where the damage is too extensive and a secondary claim is necessary. If there was a period where you needed to rent a car, pay for public transportation, taxis, or rideshare services, or incurred other transportation bills in the aftermath of a Boston car accident, these expenses may be included in your demand package for property damage in addition to the costs associated with repairing vehicle parts or replacing a totaled vehicle altogether.
  • Medical bills: Your medical bills may be the most significant damage you need to seek compensation for. Even emergency transportation in the Boston costs approximately twice the national average expense for an ambulance ride. Not to mention, municipally-owned ambulances seem to cost roughly double what privately-owned ambulances charge in Massachusetts. On the streets of Boston in 2019, there was approximately a 1-1 chance of a medical emergency being responded to by a private versus public ambulance. From the ambulance ride onwards, medical expenses are often the largest category of damages sought after a car accident. Particularly in cases involving catastrophic injuries or ongoing recovery needs, medical bills may quickly outpace what insurance can offer you.
  • Pain and suffering: Pain and suffering is a separate category of damages. While property damage and medical bills are economic or special damages (i.e., losses with a definitive dollar value), pain and suffering represents a non-financial loss, also known as non-economic or general damages. Pain and suffering damages are awarded for the physical pain someone experiences as a result of their car accident injuries. These are not easily calculable and may requires the guidance of a qualified auto accident attorney serving the Boston area. Non-economic damages can also include loss of enjoyment, loss of consortium, mental anguish, diminished earning capacity, disfigurement or dismemberment, and any other difficult-to-account-for factors. While no amount of money can bring back a missing limb or lost loved one, damages for pain and suffering can help ease the period of recovery or grief, lifting some burdens from your shoulders.
  • Punitive damages: In some cases involving reckless driving, distracted driving, hit and runs, drunk driving or driving under the influence of substances, and other particularly negligent behaviors, you may be awarded punitive damages. Punitive damages are different from compensatory damages in that they are not meant to reimburse you for specific losses but are instead intended to deter future reckless activity and penalize particularly egregious behavior. Massachusetts has a minimum punitive damage floor of $5,000 in applicable cases. However, unlike many other states, it has no cap on punitive damages that can be awarded in an injury case (with the exception of medical malpractice cases, which carry a cap of $500,000 in punitive damages). The amount awarded to you in punitive damages is decided by a jury and does not influence the amount you may receive in compensatory damages to recover your accident related costs.
  • Funeral and burial costs: If you have lost a loved one in a car accident, you may be able to recover funeral and burial costs. In addition to these expenses, a successful wrongful death cases may yield payments to supplement a loss of financial or emotional support, loss of guidance, and loss of supportive income.
  • Lost wages: Recovering from a car accident can take time, and some, if not all of that time may have to happen away from work. Taking time off work to recover may put another financial burden on you and your family as you consider your increased medical bills and property damage. For this reason, lost wages are commonly awarded in insurance settlements as well as car accident lawsuits.

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Benefits of Working with a Boston Car Accident Lawyer

A local car accident lawyer will be familiar with the specific conditions of Boston roadways and drivers, as well as with state law and how may impact the outcome of your case. A Boston car accident attorney can skillfully build the strongest case possible and pursue every avenue of compensation available on your behalf to ensure that you recovery as much as you can after a crash. A Boston auto accident lawyer can help ensure that you recover the fullest amount possible from your insurance, as well as examine any additional liability that may arise from your crash.

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When choosing a lawyer, consider the following important factors:

  • Knowledge of the law: Your lawyer should be experienced with Massachusetts-specific statutes, as well as have a history of success with car accident cases in Boston. Ideally, they will also have a good record from their law school and be well-regarded in their field.
  • Higher settlement amounts: Not every Boston car crash attorney can recover the same settlement amount for their clients. Seek out firms that report higher settlement amounts, as well as satisfied client reviews.
  • Avoidance of settlement delays: A car accident lawsuit can take longer than expected when you have medical bills piling up. The best car accident lawyers in Boston can help bring the matter to a speedy and satisfactory conclusion, so you aren’t left on the hook for additional expenses after a crash.
  • Peace of mind: One of the most important reasons to work with an experienced legal expert is the peace of mind. Leave filing paperwork, following up on police reports, contacting eyewitnesses, going back and forth with insurance companies, remembering deadlines, paying filing fees, and more to your legal team. The most important thing for you to do at this time is to focus on your recovery. Working with a good Boston motor vehicle accident attorney should enable you to work on healing, while they take care of your case.

Most Dangerous Intersections in Boston

If you ask a Boston driver which intersection is the most dangerous in the city, most of them will have their own opinion on which it is. Boston’s heavy traffic, historic infrastructure, and tourism all contribute to difficult driving conditions. Newcomers to Boston often find that there is an adjustment period that comes with driving on Boston streets.

In terms of heavy traffic, the Central Artery/Tunnel in the City of Boston sees about 536,000 vehicles every weekday. This total includes 323,000 vehicles that use the expressways, as well as 213,000 from local ramps and Logan tunnels. However, the highest volume of traffic in all of Massachusetts is currently found at the I-93/I-95 interchange in Woburn and Reading. This intersection sees 375,000 cars, trucks and motorcycles every day.

cars stopped on a city street

Besides the I-93/I-95 interchange, the following Boston intersections are notable not only for their congestion, but also because of the high rate of accidents seen at these specific spots:

  • Columbia Road and the Southeast Expressway in Dorchester
  • Granite Avenue and the Expressway in Milton
  • Middlesex Turnpike at Route 128 in Burlington
  • Route 128 and Interstate 93
  • North Washington Street and Boston’s Central Artery
Boston Car Accident Lawyer: FAQs

The following represents answers to questions that are commonly asked of our Boston auto collision lawyers. For legal advice about the specifics of your potential case, contact a Boston car accident injury attorney. The experts at CarAccident.Law can connect you with the right lawyer for your situation and get you the relief you need.

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How do I file an insurance claim after a car accident?

To file an insurance claim after a Boston car accident, contact your own insurance company. While it is important to exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver after a collision, in Boston, your first claim after a car accident is filed through your own insurance policy because Massachusetts is a no-fault state with mandatory Personal Injury Protection coverage requirements. Your insurance provider is usually reachable by phone or through their website in order to file your claim. They will offer specific instructions about what information they need in order to process your claim.

Insurance Claims Our Boston Accident Attorneys Help With

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How long after a car accident can you sue?

You have three years from the date of a Boston car accident to file a personal injury lawsuit. After this point, the state’s statute of limitations will have expired on your claim. Contact a Boston auto accident lawyer to learn what statutory deadlines may apply in your case.

Can a passenger in a car accident file a lawsuit?

Auto insurance in Massachusetts covers passengers as well as drivers. As a passenger in a car accident, you are also able to file your own lawsuit for compensation. Because you were not at the wheel of either car, you may even have an easier time seeking relief because you are less likely to be held liable for anything that happened to cause the crash. You may even be able to sue the driver of the car that you were riding in, in addition to the other driver, depending on who caused the accident and to what extent they can be held liable.

How much can someone sue for a car accident?

Your car accident attorney in Boston will advise you on how much to seek in damages, as well as any punitive awards that may be possible in a car accident injury lawsuit.

How much does a Boston car accident lawyer cost?

Our car accident lawyers in Boston operate on a contingency basis. This means they take a percentage from the settlement amount that they secure for their clients. This allows you to file your case without any up front or out-of-pocket costs involved.

How long do I have to report a car accident to insurance?

Under state law, you have five days from the date of an accident to report it. You should also file a report with your car insurance within this period of time. Check the specifics of your own auto insurance policy for any further restrictions.

How much does car insurance go up after a car accident?

Car insurance does not always increase after an accident, but it is permissible under state law for insurers to raise rates under certain circumstances. Negligence and reckless driving are two risk factors for a higher car insurance payment after an accident.

Can I sue Uber for a car accident?

Uber, Lyft, and ridesharing services in Boston and throughout Massachusetts are required to carry special supplemental insurance coverage, as most drivers are no longer covered by their regular coverage once they accept a job. This regulatory action was passed in 2016 by Governor Charlie Baker. However, how and if Uber as a company can be held liable for its drivers’ accidents is a contentious topic at the moment, and discourse varies from state to state. If you wish to pursue a lawsuit against the company behind your Boston rideshare crash, it is of the utmost importance to consult with a local accident attorney.

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Can you sue a minor for a car accident?

Holding children liable for their actions is a tricky area under Massachusetts law. By definition, children and minors are traditionally not held to the same standard as adults in the court of law. However, in order to prove negligence of a minor in a car accident, the standard of liability requires a determination of what is a “reasonable” action as committed by other children of the same age. The younger and less experienced a teen driver is, the more difficult it may be to establish their liability. However, in Boston, you may be able to sue under the “parental responsibility law,” which holds parents accountable for their negligent supervision of their child and, by default, for their child’s negligent actions.

Can I sue for emotional distress after a car accident?

A Boston car accident injury attorney can help you assess and factor in your emotional distress after a car accident. Often, emotional distress is factored into pain and suffering calculations in an injury lawsuit. However, there are times when it may make more sense to consider it as a medical cost, such as when your trauma has caused you to incur extensive therapy bills in order to recover your mental health and wellness.

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Boston Car Accident Lawsuit Guide

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Learn more about suing for car accident damages with this step-by-step car accident lawsuit guide. Talk to a Boston car accident lawyer for assistance.

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Connect with an Experienced Boston Car Accident Attorney

If you were injured in a motor vehicle collision in Boston, our legal experts are available to help you recover your losses. We can connect with a legal professional who is local to Boston, with decades of experience serving Massachusetts families. The Boston car accident lawyers in our network know the area, the laws, the risks, and the best ways to get you the help you need after a car crash. Contact CarAccident.Law for a consultation today.